Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”

Warren Bennis

Leadership Coaching approaches individuals and professionals who want to:

  • Develop and expand leadership presence and effectiveness
  • Bring vision and leadership purpose in action
  • Discover own values and areas of growth
  • Grow authenticity, courage, and integrity
  • Focus on whole system, productivity and work environment
  • Reduce reactive tendencies and behaviors
  • Develop, lead and inspire teams by bringing out the best in people
  • Manage and resolve conflicts sustainably
  • Focus on goals that support strategy and purpose
  • Communicate in authentic and transparent way
  • Balance the big picture and daily operational business perspectives

Leadership Coaching takes place in regular 1:1 meetings in person, via video or phone. It supports individual vision and organizational goals integrating both in one whole picture. Confidentiality is a MUST of Equanom Coaching and is fully ensured. Accountability, commitment and regular follow-ups ensure effective and sustainable results.

Equanom Coaching integrates principles of Co-Active Model, Leadership Circle 360 degree assessments, insights from organizational development trends, and consulting practices in Strategy and Business Development. It has a broad experience in working with executives, leadership teams, entrepreneurs, and new businesses in different industries and areas.
Equanom Coaching works with global and cross-cultural teams and individuals from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, China and the USA.


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