Thoughts from 2016

December 31, 2016


2016 is coming to its end and I find myself in this magical place where old is about to being closed and new is in the air, about to emerge. After another intense, powerful, and transforming year my body asks for a break and I listen to it. This time I take more then just a few moments; I want to listen and to go deeper. This is not very easy, patience is still not my best friend, and it takes me a conscious effort to go there, over and over again. I listen to the stillness. I stay with whatever arises. I surrender and give up the control. This is new – control was always a good indicator for me that I am on the right side of life, being safe and doing well.

Surprisingly, this new experience of slowing down, being silent and focusing doesn’t feel weak, empty or shallow. Instead, it feels powerful, full of energies and knowing, it opens new ups and downs, new dreams and old fears, it makes me feeling vulnerable and in charge at the same time. All I need to do is to stay open and to receive. It opens a whole new world of who I am and what wants to emerge in my life.

I realize how distracted I usually go through life, focusing on thousands different things at the same time, trying to make it all, and I stay on the surface, not really being in control after all.

I also feel the deliberation of saying no to things in my life that do not serve me anymore, and there is still a room to grow. Cleaning up and simplifying make it easy …and also so scary. I listen to the voice in me that knows and that I finally dare to hear.

Could it be that the life is not so complicated after all? That we can choose what we need and go for it with all our passion, gifts and power? With this ease and clarity I feel so much more is possible. Make the impact I want to make, build relationships I want to live, dream the future and create it with people I want to co-create with.

One of the most important lessons of this year is that I’ve got to choose. It is not about reaching the next target, but about the deep human connection and what can grow out of it. And this leads to much bolder results I have ever imagined. Being in this moment, connected and creating from there is the most powerful and deliberating present I received this year. This knowledge is in my body, I don’t need to think about it anymore, and this is also new. I feel a deep gratitude to all of you who held the space for me during this turbulent, chaotic and truly transforming year. And I look forward to the next year, to the beauty of simplicity, presence and connection.

Happy New Year!

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