Asking for help

March 12, 2016


I was asked to go outside and ask for help as a part of my Leadership Program I attend these days. Ask for help? This is easy. Something I’ve done thousands times, have thought a lot of and reflected on during last year. Asking for help helps. It helps on the subject itself and makes it easier, no need to do it all on my own! But it also has a side effect and helps to connect with those who help us, to open up and to become real for those around us. This is a place where others can plug in and be with us, where real and trustful connections can start and grow. This has been so far my experience and learning.

What surprised me the most when asking for help these days is my discovery that I do ask for help, but it is really hard for me to receive help. To say “Yes” to. To accept it. Ha! Here you go. Asking for help, but rejecting it when it arrives! This doesn’t sound very nice. And probably doesn’t really help to build a trustful relationship and to grow my leadership. I get curious about it. Why don’t I take it? Is there a fear that this probably will be done in a different way that I need? Is there a fear that to receive help I will need to open my heart and let people into my private space? Is there a fear of getting too close with people around me? My chest is getting numb; I feel a little queasy feeling in my stomach. The truth is that I am not comfortable being too close for too long time when asking for help. And it is not a pleasant truth. Not for me as a coach who works with other people and want to serve on their journey of leadership, awareness, connection and trust. And this is a powerful one. Because I fail For All I Learn. Once again. And thanks to all of you I am very lucky to know how beautiful and empowering the moment of raising is. When I feel the arms that catch and hold me. When I am able to recover. To stand up and give it another try. And another one. Because it is beautiful to fly. And it can be even more fun if we ask others to join and to help us with it. Surprising things can happen then. I will go and try!

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